How to Make Your Mattress Last Longer


Mattresses can be a really costly investment, one which may be too costly for people throughout the current economic downturn. However, on the other hand a great quality mattress which isn’t too worn is essential to your general health, with the vast majority of sleeping complaints really brought on by a bad quality mattress.


Consequently, one of the best ways for the best of each worlds – a great quality mattress without having to purchase a new one – is to make your mattress last longer.

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Right here are a couple of suggestions on how you need to deal with your mattress so it lasts longer:


The top tip is to stop children from utilizing the mattress as a trampoline. Do not let them jump on it as this is the quickest way to age the mattress and trigger it to turn out to be lumpy and unsupportive.

Similarly, never stand on the bed from this places pointless strain on it. If feasible try to also steer clear of sitting on the edges – just utilizing it for sleeping will lengthen its life.

Throughout the first three months you have a new mattress rotate it 180 degrees (so the foot of the mattress is now in the head) every two weeks. In the same time also turn the mattress so that you sleep on all sides.

Following the first three months of owning a new mattress repeat the over every two months.

Mattresses also require support so use a bed frame which has a center support. This will support the mattress in the center, helping it last longer as it is places less strain.

Lastly, if your mattress does turn out to be a little worn you can always lengthen its life by buying a mattress topper. This goes on top of the mattress, frequently helping to make it comfier, andoffers the mattress an extra layer of protection, helping it last longer.